We are honored that you are interested in the Seattle Church of Christ. Our church family was planted here in 1989, and our members live in all areas of the city. We’re proud to live in the most educated city in America, that is also home to several world renowned companies and top universities, and we take our calling as Christians humbly and seriously. Our goal is not simply to build another church in the Seattle area, but to consistently create a family of believers that strive to live according to the Bible, and share what God has done with everyone around us. We are also committed to developing and fostering relationships in the church that call each other higher, and point each other to Jesus Christ.

Our motto is simple: Living like Christ, sharing our lives, changing the world. We invite you to come see what we’re doing. We have three worship services each Sunday in the Seattle area, individual small groups all over the city, and ministries that help people of all ages and life situations grow spiritually.  We are an non-denominational church with people from all backgrounds (no church affiliation, Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal, etc.). Whether you’ve been attending church for years or this is your first time, you’ll feel welcome here.

We hope to see you soon!