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 Seattle Church of Christ 

Teen Prom 2022!

Tickets will only be on sale until May 8th so don't delay purchase now.

We are so excited to be throwing a Seattle Church Prom after 2 years of COVID! This year’s prom will take place at Kula Yoga Studio in the Ballard area of Seattle. We’re excited that this year there will be a live DJ and a professional photographer! We’re confident it’ll be a special night. 

Some noteworthy details: 

-This prom is for all teens in the ministry, not just Seniors. 

-There are only 70 tickets available since space is limited, so if you want to come, get your tickets asap! 

-Snacks, light desserts, and drinks will be served, but no food. The teens on the planning committee have expressed that they prefer having dinner prior to the prom

-The last day to register is May 8th

Code of Conduct

Please take a moment to read the guidelines for prom listed below. In purchasing a ticket you (and whoever else you purchase for) are agreeing to adhere to all guidelines. 


We will be allowing dates for prom this year. The teen leaders are not going to assume the responsibility of coordinating dates. This means that it is quite possible that not everyone will have a date. Please note that there is no pressure to come with a date! Going with a group of friends is another great option! For those choosing to take a date, we encourage members of our teen ministry to prioritize taking other members of our ministry as their date so as to be as inclusive as possible. 

Dress Code

  • No low cut outfits of any sort (no cleavage should be able to be seen).
  • No dresses that are shorter than mid-thigh or are excessively tight.
  • No excessive unbuttoning of men’s dress shirts.

Code of Conduct

Our church prom is meant to be an uplifting time that allows teens to have fun in a holy and safe environment. It is important that anyone choosing to attend prom comes with the attitude to support that mission. By purchasing a ticket, you are agreeing to the following:

  • To be considerate, sensitive, and respectful of other attendees, adults, and the property around them through behavior, language, and dress. This includes obeying direct requests from adult supervisors. 
  • To refrain from inappropriate touching, talking, texting, and the like, including anything sexual in nature (including how you dance) 
  • To refrain from actions that could result in injury and/or property damage.
  • Possess weapons or fireworks of any kind.
  • Purchase, possess, consume, or distribute alcohol, illegal drugs, or tobacco products.
  • Use profanity or degrading language of any kind.

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